"I maed JUM to mak Polkadut guud agun." -Gavun Wud, Fownder of Polkadut
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What is it?

$WUD is a memecoin launched in honor of Polkadot's illustrious founder, Gavin Wood. In the spirit of Polkadot native fair launch, $WUD was launched on Hydration (Polkadot's Omnipool) with 1000 DOT of liquidity at block 4961930.

Why do you need $WUD?

$WUD has no utlity at all outside of it being a memecoin. However, by buying and owning $WUD you are part of the community of others in the Web3 ecosystem who want to "MAK POLKADUT GUUD AGUN" and support the Polkadot memecoin narrative.

How to buy $WUD

$WUD is available on Polkadot's biggest DEX, Hydration. Simply move some of your $DOT to Hydration and buy some $WUD using the swap interface! More detailed instructions coming soon...

Flappy Wud

Play the Flappy Wud game or view The Flappy Wud Gray Paper

Flappy Wud game screenshot